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Insight of UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

We were involved in the 6th UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum in Stuttgart, Germany on the 14th and 15th of September. The international event was exciting and gave insight into future trends guiding innovation of user experience, operator’s ergonomics, and safety from a cabin design perspective. 

Insight of UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

Innovation trends

Autonomous vehicles, connectivity, and electrification were the major trends discussed at the UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum. These trends will affect the design of non-road machines and user experience in the future. The new technology will create new solutions that will enhance the operator’s ability to complete even more complex tasks easier.

Connectivity relates to machine communication but also to AI and machine learning. Related to this, operating a machine can become more and more game-like in the future. Mobile devices may play a significant role in controlling machines. However, when considering mobile devices as machine controllers, there may be risks and dangerous situations that must be taken into account to ensure the operator’s safety.

Electrification of vehicles creates a need for new material solutions

When vehicles are powered with batteries or other alternative power solutions, they require lighter constructions. Also, to consider energy efficiency and other environmental aspects, lighter construction of the machines is essential. For example, to avoid erosion risk and compaction of the soil, it is essential to design and manufacture agricultural machines that weigh less. From this perspective, replacing cabin windows made of traditional glass requires alternative material solutions.

User experience is at the core of cabin design

The non-road machines are designed for their users. Operating a machine in demanding or harsh conditions can be challenging. Therefore, safety and user-friendliness are the key factors in non-road machine design.

More and more attention is paid to the operator's safety, and related to this, safety standards will be developed, and requirements increased to ensure the safety aspects in different environments. This means cabin glazing must have higher impact resistance so operators can have peace of mind while doing their work.

When OEMs place safety at the core of cabin design and collect information on user experience, they will have a higher competitive advantage. Direct information from operators of the machine and its functionality enables taking the user experience efficiently in the right direction.

Aikon® polycarbonate solutions increase the operator’s safety

Based on the insights of UX Innovation and Cabin Design Forum, Aikon® polycarbonate glazing is an excellent solution for non-road machines. They ensure the operator’s safety with extremely high impact resistance but also enable decreasing the machine’s weight. Aikon® PC Hard polycarbonate sheets’ impact resistance is 200 times higher than glass, but their weight is only half the glass windows’ weight. By choosing lighter glazing materials for cabin windows, it is possible to improve the energy efficiency of the machine.

In addition, our full solution for non-road machinery enables manufacturing more complex glazing shapes and increases the visibility of the machine. Better visibility improves the safe operation of the machine but also affects positively the user experience. At the same time, when manufacturing cabin glazing from laminated polycarbonate sheets, the windows become virtually unbreakable. With these solutions, we can fulfil the total safety requirements.

If you need more information on extremely impact-resistant and energy-efficient glazing solutions, we are happy to help you. Together we fulfill your vision of the future. 

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