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Hard coated PC and PMMA improve energy efficiency of special vehicles

Aikon® is part of a Finnish-based company Aikolon Oy. We have long expertise in transparent high-performance plastics and we are eager to fulfill your vision of the future with innovative glazing solutions. The energy efficiency of vehicles can be improved with lightweight and durable transparent glazing solutions.

Hard coated PC and PMMA improve energy efficiency of special vehicles

As vehicles become electrified, the importance of weight and energy efficiency will increase continuously. With the help of industrial plastics, it has been possible to reduce the total weight of vehicles, but the energy efficiency of vehicles can be improved even further. Low-weight and durable components for special vehicles and cabins have a positive impact on both energy efficiency and carbon footprint. When replacing glass with transparent high-performance plastics, vehicle manufacturers receive instant weight reduction and extended driving range.

Transparent high-performance plastics provide many benefits to special vehicles

One of the most important properties of industrial plastics is the low weight of the materials. In addition to this, the plastic components made of transparent high-quality plastics are resistant to impacts, wear and various weather conditions. The coating agents significantly improve the physical properties of Aikon® PC Hard and Aikon® PMMA Hard. When replacing the glass with hard coated PC and PMMA, they provide:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • High impact resistance
ECE R43-approved windows are fabricated from hard coated PC

ECE R43-approved windows for cabins and special vehicles are manufactured from hard coated polycarbonate, Aikon® PC Hard. We also manufacture windows that comply with the ISO 21876 standard, which guarantees the operator's safety if a saw chain of the machine breaks.

In addition to safety and energy efficiency, windows made of hard coated polycarbonate are highly resistant to scratches and chemicals. Making the windows from a significantly lighter material improves the energy efficiency of the special vehicle. Coated PC windows are also resistant to harmful UV radiation and changing weather conditions, making them a long-lasting solution.

Cost efficiency and better quality with the help of Aikon® full solution

Aikolon has long experience in cooperation with special vehicle manufacturers. We have been working closely with industry experts for 35 years. We serve manufacturers of forest machines, tractors, skid steer loaders, emergency vehicles and armoured vehicles, for instance.

The new full solution offers an even more comprehensive palette for special vehicle and cabin manufacturers. In addition to a selection of high-quality transparent materials (PC, PMMA, PETG) and machining capacity, we are specialized in:

Centralizing plastic purchases to a partner who has the most comprehensive expertise in all types of plastics, increases both cost and energy efficiency when plastic components do not have to be shipped back and forth several times. In addition, quality management improves when one partner is responsible for the supply chain of the products.

If you need help with plastic matters, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to help you to improve energy efficiency with high-quality plastic solutions.

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