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Destia chose Aikon® PC AR 1020 polycarbonate for highway noise barriers

Destia is Finland's largest service company in the infrastructure sector and part of the international Colas Group. Destia plans builds, and maintains transportation routes and environments for people, traffic, and industry. Destia was selected as the main contractor for the improvement of Highway 8 in the centre of Eurajoki, Finland. The project was carried out between 2021 and 2023.

Destia chose Aikon® PC AR 1020 polycarbonate for highway noise barriers

Destia built 4.5 kilometres of new highway in Eurajoki, Finland. The project included two grade-separated interchanges with ramps, five new bridges, 8.0 kilometres of road with street lighting, as well as noise barriers for a 1.0-kilometre stretch. The project aimed to improve traffic flow and safety. 

Growing popularity of transparent noise barriers

Noise protection is an important part of a comfortable living environment. In recent years, noise barriers along roads and streets have transitioned from traditional wooden structures to transparent noise barriers. The popularity of polycarbonate has also increased due to its superior resistance to vandalism compared to glass.

For the selection of noise barrier materials on the highway in Eurajoki, Aikolon's plastic expert assisted Destia in comparing two hard coated polycarbonate sheet options. Destia chose Aikon® PC AR 1020, a transparent polycarbonate, as the noise barrier material.

Aikon® PC AR 1020 was selected for its sufficient light transmission, UV radiation resistance, impact strength, and ease of cleaning. Aikon® PC AR 1020 is a cost-effective and durable solution for noise barriers, as it withstands impacts and can be cleaned in case of vandalism. The polycarbonate sheets are automatically hard-coated in Oulu, Finland with a standard coating that enhances the sheets' properties.

Importance of structural design of noise barriers

Compared to other noise barrier projects, the Eurajoki project had some distinctive features. Glass was practically not an option due to project requirements. Additionally, there were some structural differences in the noise barriers, as the concrete portion of the frame structure was specified to be relatively low. It is also important to consider the snow load on noise barriers during winter in noise barrier structural design.

"The structural durability and deflection of noise barriers should be carefully dimensioned, and the examination of noise barrier structures should be addressed already in the early stages of the project. This way, we can avoid structural challenges," emphasizes Kimmo Julku, a designer at Destia.

Destia_pieni_logollaSmooth cooperation in the delivery of transparent noise barriers

Aikolon delivered the hard-coated polycarbonate sheets for the frame structures of the VT 8 project to Destia for installation in August 2022. The noise barriers were easy to install, and successful installation scheduling was ensured through smooth cooperation and communication regarding the delivery of the noise barriers.

"The installation went well, and it was easy to plan the installation schedule. The noise barrier installation was smooth using suction caps and air pressure. The installation took approximately three weeks," says Esa Marjamäki, the site manager at Destia.


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