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Aikon® PC Hard is approved with ISO 21876:2020 Saw Chain Shot Standard

At Aikon®, we prioritize operator safety. To ensure their protection, we manufacture polycarbonate safety glazing in accordance with ISO 21876:2020, Saw Chain Shot Protective Window Standard.

Aikon® PC Hard is approved with ISO 21876:2020 Saw Chain Shot Standard

Operating a forest machine can be a dangerous job. The event of a harvester saw chain break could result in a piece of the chain being hurled into the window at an extremely high speed causing serious hazards. In the worst case, these situations have led to the operator's death. Therefore, we ensure operator safety by manufacturing Aikon® protective windows in accordance with ISO 21876:2020.

ISO 21876 saw chain shot approved test for forest machine windows

The ISO 21876:2020 is a test method corresponding to performance requirements for saw chain shot protective windows on forestry machines equipped with a chain saw for cutting, harvesting or processing as defined in ISO 6814. It also applies to machines that have been modified to perform cutting, harvesting or processing (such as excavator) with a chain saw cutting attachment. The standard addresses a crucial aspect of safety by outlining the approved saw chain shot test. 

Testing the safety of Aikon® polycarbonate windows

The primary aim of the ISO 21876:2020 standard is to establish a universally accepted method for evaluating forest machine operator safety. The Saw Chain Shot tests were made in an accredited testing facility to prove the safety of Aikon® polycarbonate windows.

The test was very comprehensive and numerous shots were fired at the window samples. After ensuring that all shots were relevant in terms of projectile speed and hitting angle, as defined by ISO 21876:2020, it could be stated that the samples clearly meet all requirements. This means Aikon® polycarbonate windows are ISO 21876:2020 Saw Chain Shot Protective Standard approved.

The approved test is a guarantee of operator safety

Chainsaws are powerful tools with the potential to cause severe injuries. The approved saw chain shot test according to ISO 21876:2020 is a critical tool in the evaluation of the whole industry's safety. This test method helps protect forestry machine operators and provides valuable guidance to manufacturers in enhancing their products. Operators know the cabins that comply with ISO 21876:2020, have Saw Chain Shot Protective Windows that are safe and reliable. Thus, cabin windows made of Aikon® safety glazing ensure operators can have peace of mind knowing they are well-protected while doing their work.

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