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Aikon® PC Hard - Extremely durable material solution for Subsoccer® 7

Subsoccer® is a bench soccer game to share fun moments with its players. It is a fast-paced and exciting game that requires skill, strategy, and quick reflexes. Subsoccer® is very easy to learn and everybody can play it. The soccer game has caught millions of people's attention worldwide and was delivered to 66 countries at the beginning of 2023.

Aikon® PC Hard - Extremely durable material solution for Subsoccer® 7

The bench soccer gaming industry is constantly seeking innovative materials to enhance gameplay and improve user experiences. By incorporating a hard coated polycarbonate sheet into the tabletop, 4 Feet Under aimed to revolutionize Subsoccer®'s durability, optical clarity, scratch resistance, and chemical resilience.

Hard coated polycarbonate ensures the user experience of Subsoccer® 7

Subsoccer® 7 is designed to provide an exciting gaming experience. To reach its goal, it is essential the game’s tabletop has an extremely durable transparent material with excellent optical properties. In this case, Aikolon’s plastics professional helped to find the best material solution meeting the requirements of Subsoccer® 7:

  • Excellent optical properties to see the game through the tabletop
  • Non-breakable material for slams of excitement or disappointment
  • Abrasion resistance to maintain the high optical quality
  • Chemical resistance for continuous cleaning
  • Premium visual outlook

Subsoccer 7_2

Aikon® PC AR 1020 - a cost-effective material solution

To meet the requirements, we recommended fabricating the tabletop from Aikon® PC Hard – hard coated polycarbonate sheet. More specifically Aikon® PC AR 1020 was recommended as the material solution. In addition, Aikolon’s full solution made it possible to hard coat the polycarbonate sheets and fabricate the tabletops at our production plant in Finland.

Aikon® PC AR 1020 is a cost-effective polycarbonate solution with high durability. The sheets are hard coated with our standard coating agent to improve the properties of the polycarbonate. The reasons for choosing the product solution are:

  • superior impact resistance (non-breakable)
  • high optical properties (86 % light transmission in 6 mm thickness)
  • excellent scratch resistance (haze after 100 cycles < 4 %)
  • good chemical resistance (all mild cleaning agents, soaps, alcohol, isopropanol, ethanol, metatol and 1-butanol)
User experience:

Why did you choose Aikon hard coated PC for your premium product Subsoccer® 7?

“We contacted Aikolon's plastic expert because we wanted to ensure the best, cost-effective and sustainable solution for our product. Subsoccer® 7 can be in very demanding environments, for example in pubs or amusement parks, and they must last intact and look presentable in all conditions. The Aikon® PC AR 1020 was the best solution for this use.” 

You have sold Subsoccer® 7 games to nearly 70 countries worldwide. What kind of user experience have you received about the game, especially the tabletop made from Aikon® PC AR 1020?

“First of all, we have received only good feedback on the game. Players describe the game as fun, easy to learn, and good exercise. It can get you hooked easily. We have delivered Subsoccer® games already to 66 countries since 2019, and none of the tabletops has got broken.

Players are satisfied with the quality and its durability. I highly recommend Aikon® PC AR 1020 to applications that need long-lasting products that have excellent impact and scratch resistance.”

- Jarno Saarinen, Inventor of Subsoccer®

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