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Aikolon partners with transparent display manufacturer LUMINEQ

Aikon® is part of a Finnish-based company Aikolon Oy. We have innovative partners who bring new opportunities to tailored glazing solutions. We are excited to announce our partnership with transparent display manufacturer LUMINEQ.

Aikolon partners with transparent display manufacturer LUMINEQ

Aikolon, a plastic professional with over 35 years’ experience of transparent plastics, announces its new partnership with LUMINEQ for Aikon® glazing solutions. LUMINEQ is a premium manufacturer of transparent and in-plastic or in-glass displays. By laminating transparent displays into the vehicle windshields and windows made of transparent plastic, manufacturers are empowered to convert idle surfaces into information screens and touch displays, improving safety, ergonomics, and style of commercial vehicles and off-road vehicles.


“We’ve seen increasing customer interest in using our transparent displays in plastic for HUDs and other vehicle glazing applications in recent years. By partnering with Aikolon, who has successfully laminated our displays in polycarbonates, we can extend our offering to meet different product needs, whether a stand-alone, in-glass or in-plastic.” said Ari Tervonen, the Business Line Manager of LUMINEQ laminated displays.

The solution works by embedding a thin-film emissive transparent display (0.7mm thick) into the TPU layer in the laminated stack of polycarbonate sheets. The glazing area with embedded transparent displays can be used to show dynamic information to the driver, operator, or other road users. This innovative technology allows OEMs to rethink the entire design layout and build safer vehicles that improve ergonomics, situation awareness, and user experience.

Lumineq TPU layer structure“Polycarbonate is becoming increasingly popular in the vehicle glazing market thanks to its superior impact resistance, light-weighting capability, and energy efficiency. We believe that combining this ideal glazing material and LUMINEQ transparent display using our lamination technique will help vehicle manufacturers deliver a unique experience to their customers.” Said Marko Koljonen, Sales and Marketing Director at Aikolon.

 About Aikolon Oy
Aikolon Oy specializes in plastic materials and plastic machining services, and offers sustainable high-performance plastic solutions. With Aikon® state-of-the-art technology, we can offer transparent glazing solutions from product development to automated production. For more information, visit: https://www.aikon.fi/en/.

About Lumineq Oy
Lumineq Oy is a premium manufacturer of the world’s most rugged and transparent displays for vehicles. LUMINEQ transparent displays can be used as head-up displays to bring critical information to the line of sight of drivers. They can also empower vehicle manufacturers to deliver a premium travel experience by turning windows into touch displays. Read more: https://www.lumineq.com/.

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