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Aikolon Oy takes part of Koenigsegg Extreme Tech Club

Aikon® is part of a Finnish-based company Aikolon Oy. We have long expertise in transparent high-performance plastics and we are eager to fulfill your vision of the future with innovative glazing solutions. Now we are excited to tell our cooperation with the Koenigsegg Extreme Tech Club.

Aikolon Oy takes part of Koenigsegg Extreme Tech Club

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is the world’s leading megacar and innovative technology company whose purpose is based on new thinking, extreme performance and timeless design that stands out from the rest. Koenigsegg together with Polestar, Lightyear, Marell Boats, NEVS and Aurobay gathered companies from Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Japan, Lithuania, and Germany to innovate new technology for their products.

Tuomas Moilanen, Head of Technical Development and Panu Vanninen, Product Manager of Aikon® Specialty Glazing Solutions were invited to the unique event of Koenigsegg Extreme Tech Club that was held in the last week of January 2023. The event focused on finding new innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency and extend the driving range in the automotive industry.

Several hundreds of ideas were collected for the Extreme Tech Club brainstorming session from which six clusters were conceptualized. The clusters innovated solutions that were concretized into products that were priced and scheduled. In addition, Aikolon and Betterfrost Technologies together conceptualized one top-notch product innovation that had not been seen before in polycarbonate glazing. Next, the solutions for the six-month pilot will be selected from the seven cluster innovations.

The purpose of the Koenigsegg Extreme Tech Club is to connect companies from different fields and different countries to create innovations in cooperation. In addition to Aikolon, Tactotek, Siili Auto, Unikie, Flexsound and New Cable Corporation took part in the event from the Oulu Automotive Cluster.

We will tell more about high-performance glazing solutions and how they fulfill the vision of the future while the project proceeds.

Two Aikon experts in Koenigsegg Extreme Tech ClubAbout Aikolon Oy

Aikolon Oy, founded in 1985, specializes in plastic materials and plastic machining services and offers sustainable high-performance plastic solutions. With Aikon® state-of-the-art technology, Aikolon can offer transparent glazing solutions from product development to automated production. For more information, visit: www.aikon.fi/en

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Tuomas Moilanen
Head of Technical Development
Tel. +358 40 482 8262

Panu Vanninen
Product Manager, Aikon® Specialty Glazing Solutions
Tel. +358 20 779 0059



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