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Aikolon Oy invests ten million euros in a new production line

Aikon is part of a Finnish-based company Aikolon Oy. The services of the new production line will be launched under the new Aikon brand. The purpose of the new brand is to stand out from Aikolon's other services with its state-of-the-art technology and focus on transparent plastics and the glass replacement solutions they enable.

Aikolon Oy invests ten million euros in a new production line
The new production line's services will be launched under the new Aikon brand. With the new state-of-the-art production line, Aikolon can provide all services related to plastic coating, laminating and marking from one place in a primarily automated manner. Such a comprehensive production line is one-of-a-kind in Europe.
The new production line will significantly improve the final quality and cost-effectiveness, and it enables more energy-efficient glass replacement solutions. Transparent plastics weigh half of the weight of glass and their energy efficiency throughout the production chain significantly reduces the carbon footprint of finnished products.
Before the start of the project, Aikolon's turnover was 12M € and the number of employees was 60. Aikolon is looking for strong growth in the world and the goal is to triple the company's turnover in the next few years. The EUR 10 million investment in the production line is substantial for the company and is expected to increase the number of jobs to around 80.
“Our new line and technology will bring more competitiveness and technological lead to many Finnish and global manufacturers. We already have several negotiations open with international players in the vehicle and yacht industries, among others, ”says Managing Director and Principal Owner Lasse Hahtonen.
The lamination and coating line is already in operation and can be used to manufacture customed customer products. The first products have already been manufactured for Finnish and other European customers. The automated part of the line will be complete during the spring of 2022.

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