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Aikolon Opens a Sales Office in Italy for International Growth

Aikon® is a part of the Finnish-based family company, Aikolon Oy. With the combining the services of the new production line for transparent Aikon® products and the sales office in Italy, Aikolon serves its international customers better. 

Aikolon Opens a Sales Office in Italy for International Growth

Aikolon Oy, an expert in plastic materials and plastic products, is expanding its operations by opening a sales office in Italy. Aikolon offers solutions made from transparent Aikon® products for various industries, including specialty vehicle industry, infrastructure builders, machinery, as well as the yacht and boat industry.

Aikolon’s unique model is the first of its kind in Europe, providing customers with plastic coating, lamination, and screen printing services, along with extensive machining capacity and material selection all in one place. With this comprehensive solution, Aikolon serves both domestic and international customers better.

“By opening a sales office in Italy, we are accelerating Aikolon’s international growth. Based in Milan, we are closer to our Central European customers and can respond to their needs better. Short distances enable quick scheduling of customer meetings and support the building of personal relationships,” says Martti Hahtonen, CEO of Aikolon Oy.

Aikolon’s new production line for transparent plastic products is already operational, and production capacity can be gradually increased. This marks the right time for international expansion. The sales office in Italy will be led by Aikolon’s Sales and Marketing Director, Marko Koljonen, who has over 15 years of experience in industrial plastics sales.

“During the construction of the new production line, we have actively collaborated with sales and marketing, resulting in a significant amount of interest from Central European markets for our new Aikon® products. We have introduced our solutions to export markets, and now is the right time to expand our international sales,” says Marko Koljonen, Sales and Marketing Director of Aikolon Oy.

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