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Aikolon announces new distribution partnership with Adreani in Italy

Aikon® is part of a Finnish-based company Aikolon Oy. We have experienced distribution partners who have expertise in transparent high-performance plastics. Now we are excited to announce distribution partnership with Adreani srl in Italy.

Aikolon announces new distribution partnership with Adreani in Italy

Aikolon Oy and Adreani srl have agreed on a partnership in distributing hard coated Aikon® products in Italy. The partnership focuses on distributing transparent Aikon® PC Hard and Aikon® PMMA Hard plastic sheets. Adreani has a long experience in the plastics industry and their expertise focuses especially on transparent plastics. Adreani represents Aikon® products in Italy by selling and marketing them to industrial customers.

Transparent Aikon® high-performance plastics are high-quality hard coated polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. The products are designed for demanding industrial applications to provide benefits of durability and lightness of the materials. For instance, they enable improved sustainability of vehicles, machines, or devices by reducing weight, improving energy efficiency, and extending service life.

“We are very excited to start cooperation with Adreani, a company with strong expertise in transparent plastics. Adreani has a broad customer base and deep understanding of industrial markets in Italy. We have known each other for a long time and now it is an excellent moment to deepen our cooperation”, says Marko Koljonen, Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Aikolon Oy.

“We have known Aikolon's team and their expertise on plastics for a long time and it is very exciting to start a partnership with them. The new technology Aikolon is utilizing is unique and aligned with our strategy. Aikon® technologies will enable us to expand our product offering to existing customers but also help us to reach new industries”, says Maurizio Adreani, CEO & Partner, Adreani srl.

About Aikolon Oy

Aikolon Oy, founded in 1985, specializes in plastic materials and plastic machining services and offers sustainable high-performance plastic solutions. With Aikon® state-of-the-art technology, Aikolon can offer transparent glazing solutions from product development to automated production. For more information, visit:

More information

Marko Koljonen
Head of Global Sales & Marketing
Tel. +358 20 779 0031


About Adreani srl

Adreani srl is established in 1918 in Italy and is a leading company in the distribution and production of semifinished plastics, synthetic panels, and composite panels. The company is specialized in serving industrial customer and offers a broad range of products for several different applications. For more information, visit:

More information

Maurizio Adreani
CEO & Partner
Tel. +39 026774131

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